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Please note in certain cases, Pfizer reserves the right to remove posts to the website and comments on Pfizer owned channels.
Please find below the reasons why posts and comments may need to be removed at Pfizer’s discretion:

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    While we do not endorse any users’ comments other than our own, we still have to be mindful of the important regulations that govern our industry, and the need to provide balanced information about a product to the public in a consistent and regulated manner. If your post references a product/brand from any company – positive or negative – we will need to remove it, since we can’t guarantee that it will represent comply with these regulations.
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Notwithstanding the above, please be aware that, in some case (for example in case of illegal contents/acts; in case of third party rights infringement; in case of drug safety reporting; etc.), where requested by the law or by the relevant Authority, Pfizer may be required to provide information about the users and posted contents to fulfil legal obligations.